Celebrity Looks
"Being involved in the entertainment industry is very demanding and looking good is a necessity, After my wife introduced me to Nano Philosophy I was so impressed with the results that I agreed to become their ambassador for Malaysia. Nano Philosophy ROCKS!"
Jack Lim
Celebrity and Radio DJ
Eye Bag
"Since 7 years ago, my doctor kept asking me to remove my eye bags but I didn’t want to do it, not until I was introduced to Kennis from Nano Philosophy, They solved my eye bag problems without surgery. The result is so natural and I don’t have to do any surgery which of course terrifies me as it would have involved pain and a long recovery period. I was also introduced to ozone therapy for detoxification and too enhance my oxygen levels, now I can sleep well at night and my body has become stronger and healthier. Thank you, Nano Philosophy."
Mr. Harry Darsono
No Botox
“I’m a 52 years old and had been having Botox injections for my wrinkles for many years and was pleased with the results; but could never get use to the awkward and stiff feeling that was the side effect of Botox. After trying the non toxic alternative from Nano Philosophy I am now wrinkle free and can still have feeling in my face, Fantastic! Bye Bye Botox.”
Michael Cleveland (Essex, United Kingdom)
Hand Care
“I have been looking for a treatment for my hands for many years; I’m 45 years old and have had a successful business life. I love to buy nice diamond rings and enjoy my success, however when people ask to look at my rings I am embarrassed as my hand look very old and ugly, I was introduced to Nano Philosophy by a close friend and after they confirmed to me that there products are completely 100% natural and contain no toxins, I decided to try and I am absolutely amazed at the results. It’s been 18 months since my treatment and my hands still look amazing.”
Pamela Neon (United Kingdom)
Smile Lines
"It is so wonderfully gratifying to see what Nano Philosophy can achieve by non-surgical face lift. My wrinkles and smile lines have completely gone and what’s more amazing is that my eye bags have also disappeared; my skin is firmer and looks healthier. I have considered a surgical face-lift, but I don't think I will need one now!"
Jennifer Tan (Singapore)
Nose Enhancement
"I’m a 21 year old University student in Malaysia and like many Asians I have a very flat nose, I wanted to have a higher and sharper nose bridge, I was worried about having a chemical filler or surgery because I have heard so many horror stories of procedures that have gone wrong. My mother was a close friend of the owner of Nano Philosophy and she suggested I try their non surgical procedure, the result is exactly what I was looking for; I now have more confidence and am happier overall. Thank you Mum and Nano Philosophy."
Nadia Massie (Malaysia)
“My Face was covered with small brown discolored areas. I had spent thousand of dollars inn Singapore on creams, peels, microdermabrasions, and whatever I could find, all for nothing. After 3 week of using Nani Philosophy Skin Treatment, the brown areas were completely gone and my face had a rosy glow. Unbelievable!"
Hester Pamier (Jakarta, Indonesia)
“I am amaze using Nano technology, they have done for my slimming face with the technology without any surgery. I am so satisfied with the result and thanks to Nano Philosophy for giving us a beauty miracle.”
Annie Savitri S.E., Dipl Cidesco
Anti Aging
"I’m 50 years old and being involve with Fashion industry for half of my life, in this industry I can’t afford looking old and shagging, so I need to look good, young and fresh all the time. Moreover I being know as a style Guru. After trying so many years of treatment in Singapore and Jakarta with differences kind of treatment and Programs. I almost give up. Till I being introduce Nino Philosophy By Peter Hendry, actually I’m not sure about the claim from Peter that I will look 10 years younger and my brown sport ( Map) will fade away with one time treatment. So I decide to give a try and with just one treatment I’m so amazed and surprised with the result is magic. My eyes bag is gone, my skin getting firmer and my brown sport ( map) is getting lighter, and soon bye bye to the Luggage and map. Now I have more confidence without my glasses and my 2way cake foundation. Overall I fell good inside out. And all my friend and my family say that my skin look amazing and much younger. A million thanks to Peter and Kennis for bring back my youth, confidence, and most of all make me feel good about myself. Nino Philosophy Magical."
Kim Saprimon, General Manager
Weight Loss
"After trying many weight loss programs and treatments, I had lost hope. Some of the procedures did work for a short period and then I was back to square one. I considered doing a tummy tuck but my family insisted that it was not a safe option. Amazing as it may sound, one night I was out at a restaurant with friends, I went to the toilet and while struggling with my clothes try to disguise my stomach, I met Kennis the owner of Nano Philosophy. She could tell that I was completely upset with my appearance. She asked me to come to her clinic and within weeks I was looking fantastic. I have continued the program over the last 12 months and the results are amazing, Thanks Kennis."
Vera Febi
(Jakarta, Indonesia)
10 Years Younger
“I was introduced to Nano Philosophy by my husbands friend. Actually I was a little skeptical about their claim "10 years younger looking in 15mins" but now I'm convinced, it really is true. The results are almost instant and 2 weeks after the treatment the results continued to get even better, Its like magic! I would recommend this treatment to everyone."
Irni Budiman (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Face Slimming
“I used to have a very chubby face, so I took a slimming face package for my chick, after one treatment I already can see the result, and I continue the treatment until I get the result, no pain at all. I also have lipo slimming to treat my upper eyelids fat and nose enhancement. I choose Nano Philosophy treatment because it has no downtime if compare other aesthetic treatment, so I can continue my daily activities while having this treatment. All the result is natural looking and I love my new look. Thanks Nano Philosophy."
Jola Sharon
(Jakarta, Indonesia)
"I have been a sun worshiper for too many years. The sun has damaged my skin so badly that I look 15 years older than I am. Or should I say, used to look older. While on holidays in Malaysia a friend introduced me to Nano Philosophy, I can't tell you the difference in my face and skin. People have actually thought I had laser surgery, but I haven't. My wrinkles have gone, my skin is firmer and healthy. I don't know what you put in your treatments and products, but they are the best I have ever used. Truly, this treatment system is different, it really works. Thank you for helping me feel good about myself. Please setup a clinic in Australia soon."
Amanda Conder (Melbourne, Australia)